what makes myrinx unique?

There is no doubt: the quality of studio microphones has reached an extremely high level. However, in spite of all the research done in the last decades, we found a few blind spots: aspects in no apparent way related to sound quality and therefore never before questioned nor optimized. These are precisely the aspects we focus on, at myrinx.

what we do

  • We take the capsule and the PCB of some of the best sounding microphones available on the market
  • We completely rewire all internal and external connections in an optimal and uncompromizing way
  • We place everything in a reflexion and interference free housing

That seems to be quite simple. It is not. But it is definitely worth the effort, as sound quality is significantly improved.

who we are

myrinx is a spin-off of the two swiss companies VOVOX (represented by Jürg Vogt) and evosolutions (represented by Regine Schwilch). Founded in 2013, it is the result of a long process which started years earlier. Due to the deep knowledge in material science and biomimetics, myrinx follows a new, unusual approach to the design of microphones.